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Finally... A link outreach service that actually delivers. Create huge traffic boners with minimal effort today.

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Money Hat is an affordable Link Outreach service that helps you to make life easier and rank better.

Price Ahrefs DR Ahrefs Traffic
£119 DR 30+ Traffic > 1000
£199 DR 45+ Traffic > 1000
£279 DR 60+ Traffic > 1000
Gambling Links: +£20

*Bulk pricing available. Simply sign up and contact us.

- All Niches Available (except Adult)
- All Spam / Index Checked
- 3-4 week delivery time
- Links Relevant to your Money Site

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Introducing Reverse Relevance

Reverse relevance is an optional free service that allows you to pick keywords within the title tag and article title of the page linking to you. Reverse Relevance is something that we believe is very important to help you rank better and create bigger rank boners.

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